Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your price lower than most DJs?

 We at Lenawee Sounds are in the Mobile DJ business for fun and the love of the job.  We have other careers and just enjoy the fun that music and entertaining  brings to everyone involved.  Many DJ companies charge $900 or more for  a 4 hour event. Why? Because they can.  We provide the same lights, the  same equipment, the same music, and a better DJ.... We don't feel that  gouging you for your event is fair.  We want to provide a great event at  a great price. 

Why should I hire you and not someone else?

 Passion. That's the difference.  We have  the passion.  Passion is the driving force in any chosen arena of  endeavor in which one strives for excellence.  Our's is a partnership.   Other than you, no one cares more about the success of your affair than  us. 

Will I meet with my DJ before my scheduled event?

 Yes! You will get a chance to sit down with YOUR DJ and go over details of your event.  

What happens if my event runs longer?

 You may choose to have us stay.  The rate  per hour will be stipulated in the contract so you know exactly what to  expect. No surprises.  

Do you take emergency bookings?

 Yes, and at no extra fee.  

Does the DJ take request?

 Yes.  We take both advanced requests, and  on the spot too.  At most events, with your permission,  we  place request cards on the tables so your guests can write their request  and submit them to the DJ.